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ExplorHome homes - eco-responsible housing!

At ExplorHome, we are aware that our planet's resources are not unlimited and that the tourism industry can have a significant impact on the climate & the environment. We're also aware that the beauty of the natural world around us helps to ensure that you, the traveler, experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones in our accommodations! For this reason, we wanted to make a concrete contribution to responsible and sustainable tourism, in order to guarantee authentic & environmentally-friendly experiences for our customers!

La Ferme d'Edouard, eco-responsible accommodation in Ardèche!

We were awarded the Clef Verte label in 2024! 🎉

1. How to recognize an eco-responsible accommodation? 

It's important to look for signs of eco-responsibility to guarantee a positive impact on the environment and avoid greenwashing, where companies give a false impression of sustainability. By choosing genuinely committed accommodations, travelers support a more sustainable economy and contribute to responsible tourism. To recognize an eco-responsible accommodation :

👉🏼 Search for certifications and labels relating to environmental management,

👉🏼 Verify sustainable water, energy and waste management practices,

👉🏼 Ensure the use of environmentally-friendly products,

👉🏼 Observe whether the establishment encourages customers to adopt eco-responsible behavior,

👉🏼 Find out about local environmental initiatives!

2. Our best practices for eco-responsible accommodation :

During our latest renovation project in Ardèche, Edouard's Farm, we wanted to implement concrete actions to give meaning to our promises!

Choose a clean energy source: geothermal power!

💡 Geothermal energy kesako? It's an energy source that harnesses the earth's heat to produce electricity and heat! It's like having natural heating built into our planet, without the need to burn fossil fuels. It's a sustainable solution for reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our environment.

As you can imagine, at La Ferme d'Edouard, we've opted for geothermal energy for heating and domestic hot water. We've coupled this with geo-cooling, an eco-friendly solution we use to cool the house in summer without using any extra electricity! 🌿


Choose our products & partners carefully!

For us, eco-responsibility goes far beyond words: it's reflected in every choice we make, right down to our partners!

🧽 For our cleaning products and consumables, we give preference to Ecocert or Ecolabel-labeled products. These labels guarantee high standards in terms of environmental impact & quality!

🧴 The hygiene products we make available to you are also chosen with care! We recently opted for What Matters a committed, vegan, eco-responsible brand with Ecocert certification, offering organic products and 100% Made in France! 🇫🇷

Psst...we've said "bye-bye" to individual formats and the waste that goes with them. We've opted for eco-designed large formats! 🌿💧

🧩 For your children, we've thought of gifts from MIM - Play and Explore, a company that promotes short circuits and is committed to the environment as a 1% for the planet partner.

🍏 And to treat your taste buds, we offer local fruit juices from our family's Ardèche orchards.

At ExplorHome, every detail is thought out with respect for the environment and our values!


We raise our teams' awareness & adapt to our environment!

At ExplorHome, we train our teams to be eco-friendly. We save water & electricity, use eco-responsible products and adapt to nature! 🌻

For example, the swimming pools are heated only when the climate permits, to avoid over-consumption of energy. Located in the heart of nature, we've also installed an electric vehicle charging station directly at La Ferme d'Edouard to make your carbon-neutral travel easy & convenient! 🔋

3. Our Green Key certification 👏🏻🥳

The Green Key label is an international environmental label awarded to tourist accommodations committed to sustainable development. It recognizes establishments that integrate environmentally and socially responsible practices into their day-to-day management. To obtain this label, accommodations must meet strict criteria in terms of water and energy management, waste management, use of environmentally-friendly products, customer awareness and contribution to the protection of local biodiversity. The Clef Verte label is a guarantee of quality and environmental responsibility for travelers concerned about the ecological impact of their stay. 🌿

We are proud to announce that Ferme d'Edouard by ExplorHome is one of the 2024 winners of the Clef Verte label! 👩🏻‍🎓

4. Become a sustainable traveller: we're counting on you!

Since every gesture counts in contributing to more responsible tourism, why not adopt a few simple eco-gestures during your stay with us?

🚰 When using the taps, leave the water running as little as possible!

💡 Remember to turn off lights and unplug electrical equipment when you leave a room. It's a small action that can make a big difference in reducing our energy footprint!

♻️ Do your bit for the planet by sorting your garbage! Recycling garbage cans are available in and around each of our accommodations.

🥶 In winter, why not pull on an extra sweater rather than turning up the heat? It's good for the planet, and for your comfort!

🚂 Promote carbon-neutral travel! All our accommodations are close to train stations.

        > Bourg Saint Maurice train station near our mountain apartments in Tignes

        > Valence train station near the Ardèche farms, in Labatie d'Andaure

        > Annecy & Albertville train stations close to our future accommodation...but shhh, we haven't told you! 🤫