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Staying in Ardèche Verte: 5 activities to do with the family!

The Ardèche verte is a little treasure for nature lovers. Would you like to discover all this? 🍃 We suggest 5 activities ideal for sharing lovely moments with your family!

(1) - Lake Devesset :

A multitude of diverse activities for young and old!

Only 30 minutes from our accommodation, the leisure centre at Lake Devesset offers you many activities! Swimming, water games, fishing, hiking, sailing school: there is something for everyone. 🎣

Several trails are available for all levels for all levels and will allow you to walk along the banks of the lake while enjoying beautiful views.

(2) - Bike-rail ride:

A fun activity that will blow your mind!

Enjoy the thrill of discovering the most beautiful landscapes of the Ardèche verte on board a pedal cart. Whether you are a keen sportsman or simply a nature lover, you are bound to find the route that is right for you among itineraries of different levels of difficulty.

From April to November, don't hesitate and head to the Boucieu le Roi train station for immediate boarding! 🚂

(3) - Lake Issarlès :

A natural crater lake located at 1000m above sea level!

The commune of Lac d'Issarlès gave its name to the volcanic lake that is located there. 🌋

Located at an altitude of 1000m, you can swim in this lake which offers exceptional water quality. You can also go pedal boating, stand-up paddling or canoeing. 

A shaded footpath leads around the lake. This way, you can take a walk with your family and enjoy the beautiful views while picking raspberries, wild strawberries or mushrooms. 🍓

(4) - Mont Gerbier de Jonc :

Natural belvedere: spectacular view guaranteed!

The Mont Gerbier de Jonc is a volcanic peak at an altitude of 1550m. The ascent of the mountain takes about 30 minutes and the view of the Alps, the Boutières, the Rhône Valley and the Cévennes is unforgettable. 👀

From April to November, stop at the house of Mont Gerbier de Jonc where geology, volcanism and the birth of the sources of the Loire will be explained to you. 

(5) - Lake Lavalette :

Beach, sun, tanning & swimming!

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with your family at Lake Lavalette ! ⛱ 

Supervised swimming (in summer), multi-sports fields, picnic area, hiking and mountain bike trails: it's all there! 

The lake is surrounded by pine forests and lined with charming little coves. This natural setting is worth a visit! 🌲